PET IMM

                    Stable and Reliable Production -- Increasing the qualification rate is one of the effective means to reduce costs.

                    Suitable for unattended automated production -- One of the effective ways to cope with the increasing labor costs in the future.

                    Safe and Durable -- One of the effective defenses to reduce the company's unexpected expenses.

                    Reserved space for upgrade -- The future of modern digital management can be easily upgraded, such as the BESTON-NET network management system for networked digital site management systems.

                    INJECTION UNIT
                    Screw Diametermm75
                    Screw L:D Ratiol/d25
                    Theoretical Volumecm31635
                    Injection Weight(PS)g1880
                    Injection Rateg/s412
                    Injection PressureMpa146
                    Screw Speedrpm190
                    CLAMPING UNIT锁模装置
                    Clamping Forcekn3800
                    Toggle Strokemm670
                    Space Between Tie Barsmm710 x 630
                    MAX.Mold Heightmm710
                    Min.Mold Heightmm260
                    Ejector Strokemm200
                    Ejector Forcekn90
                    Pump Pressurempa16
                    Motor Powerkw37
                    No . of Heating Section 5 + 1
                    Machine Dimension(L*W*H)m7.8 x 1.8 x 2.2
                    Oil Tank CapacityL750
                    Machine Weightt12.5